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    The best ever teacher I have met before. Me and my girlfriend (by the way she is professional english language teacher) attend every class with greate pleasure. Tox is our choise!


Pre-Intermediate - Advanced

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    О себе:

    Most people call me "денчик" or "Tox kravitz" . I am one of the rare foreigners having a Ukrainian name. I Study at the Medical Academy Of Dnipro , I aspire to become an orthopedist.Born in Cameroon but live in France . I came to Ukraine 3 years ago, learnt russian by myself and intergrated as a "ukrainian мальчик". I am a very motivated , funny and social person. some people even say i am lovely. I know perfectly 5 languages ( English , French , Russian, Ukrainian and German ) which i learnt all bymyself so i believe language is an important tool for life succes . My English lessons are based on the best English standards .I motivate you to reach your goals in English aswell as in General knowledges. so do not waste time just join me and let's have fun .


    The principale adjective to describe my life is creativity. I am a singer , music producer and music writer . I love reading , paitaing, designing and producing hand-made products. As a young guy i love going to the gym , strolling and socialising with new people .


    My life is set on one proverb " Do not invest your money on something that a thief may steal anyday . Invest more on knowledge because knowledge will never be stole from your brain ". I value cultures , people and abilities.

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    Royal Medical and of Maïeutique Lyon sud -2010 - 2014 High education: Medical Academy Of Dnipro 2014- present
    Additional education:- Palace music School of Lyon -Medical Emergency Dnipro

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