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Pre-Intermediate - Advanced

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  • Личные данные

    О себе:

    Friendly, enthusiastic and self-determined person, constantly pleased to share my knowledge, I’m open-minded, always ready to discover different points of view. I like discussions about different topics of modern life, issues and innovations… I’m always in the mood of being a part in social conversations and celebrations. I have many ideas to share with you. Don’t hesitate to come and take a look how it’s going on in FRIENDS’ English Club.


    Foreign languages, tourism, art, acquiring new experiences in different domains, I love making new friends and maintaining good relationships, I like drawing portraits and comics, acting on stage or theater, rap singing, I’m a fan of all kinds of music and all genres of movies, depending on the mood...


    Knowledge is power, it’s priceless, that’s why we should appreciate it the most. Self-development is an essential principle in life. I appreciate honesty, self-esteem, sense of humor, taking everything as simple as possible, and always keep progressing.

  • Образование


    Alfred Nobel University
    Translation Faculty

    Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy (2012-present)
    General Medical Faculty

  • Опыт работы

    2012 - present

    Served as an interpreter and translator. Reviewed compliance.

    2013 - present

    English Learning Center.
    Contributed through teaching

    2014 - 2015

    French Learning center.
    Assistant in English

    2015 - present

    FRIENDS Language Club